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Loup Basin Reclamation District
P.O. Box 137 501 South RD
Farwell, NE 68838
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New addition to Sherman Reservoir with the construction of a New Sign
Construction done by District Personal

This work has been done by Farwell Irrigation District on the Terminal Drop of the Sherman Feeder Canal or better known as the Fisherman's Bridge which is located north of Loup City, Nebraska

The work is the preparation work on the banks at the Terminal Drop or Fisherman's Bridge.

In 1982 a deep drain was installed west and north of St. Paul, Nebraska by the Bureau of Reclamation that removed a high underground water table from the city. In 2005 a sink hole developed on the west portion of the line just south of old Hwy 92. Starostka Construction of Grand Island, Nebraska was hired by the Farwell Irrigation District to fix the broken tile line that was located 23 feet below ground level.

Excavation work on fixing broken tile drain.
Getting ready to fix broken drain pipe.
Farwell Irrigation District continuing pipe program.
The District has buried over a 180 miles of pipe laterals.
Installation of PVC pipe
18” PVC Pipeline
Tractor and Pusher to push PVC pipe together

Backfilling around PVC pipe and watering the fill in around the pipe